Jay Webb Roofing LLC

Shingle Recycling

recycled_asphaltshinglesJay Webb Roofing is striving in the State of Texas to ensure that shingles don’t end up in landfills. Jay Webb Roofing works to recycle asphalt shingles and pledges to recycle shingle tear-offs.

Some impressive numbers associated with supporting the need to recycle shingles:

  • 10 million tons of tear-off asphalt shingles are sent to landfill every year in the U.S.
  • Trapped in those shingles sent to landfill is the equivalent of 10 million barrels of oil.
  • The average roof tear-off creates 3 tons of material that can be recycled.
  • A normal American household would have to recycle all of their waste for more than a year to make up the landfill waste created by not recycling their roof.